Welcome to OneCycle

We’re proud to be the first lifestyle boutique in Vietnam that offers rhythm-based indoor cycling classes.

Every class at OneCycle is an intense full body workout that’s as fun as a dance party. You will immerse yourself into a unique experience where you ride among others to the beat of the music and under the nightclub lighting while getting one heck of a workout!

Whether OneCycle becomes your weekly workouts, a dedicated time for yourself, or a chance to party with your friends, you are in control of your own ride. Take a breather if you need, or choose to push yourself a little harder. Remember, it’s your ride, your journey.



Get ready

You are about to start a 45-minute journey that you chose to prioritize yourself for. You will warm up your body and set any desired intention for the class. Bring the focus to yourself and be present with your body.

Face the challenge

The pace starts picking up and the party begins. Your muscles are activated and engaged. You are on the way to push beyond your comfort zone. When it gets harder is when you are conquering your limits.

Ride home

The finale track will bring your journey to a celebrative ending. Once you've conquered the challenges, bring your ride back home – to your body, your mind, your soul.

Start your journey today

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